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Whilst the months of September to April get all the praise for their big swells and surf breaks that tourists and locals alike can enjoy, it doesn’t mean your surf holiday has to end when the calendar strikes the 1st of May. Whilst it’s true that the waves slowly start to become mellow and soften with the heat of the pending summer, it can still be an ideal time to begin your surf journey, with many surf breaks that promise waves for beginner surfers and budding intermediates looking to practise and perfect their technique.

The local villages of Tamraght, Aourir, and Taghazout remain bustling and vibrant with visitors, tourists and locals enjoying the sun. 

So join our Sunshine Guests this May and June for a beautifully hot surf trip and some core memories.

Whether it be peak season or slowing down into May and June, a typical day at Sunshine starts with a hearty breakfast prepared by our chef Ali, and as a Sunshine guest prepare for the surf day ahead, our instructors load the vans with boards, wetsuits and everything needed for a trip down to the local beaches. With a number of surf spots to choose from, here at Sunshine we try our best to set base at surf breaks that not only offer promising waves for the day but are appropriate for all surf levels of our guests including beginner surfers. So rest assured, whether you’re looking for white waves to learn pop-ups and technique, or you’re wanting smooth green waves perfect for growing your confidence and skill, our instructors have the best knowledge of our local coast.

Once a spot is decided for the day, then it’s straight to the water where our instructors guide you on the best waves to take as well as offer advice on bettering your technique and encouraging your surfing progress. And once you’re feeling satisfied with your first session and have worked up quite an appetite, we retreat back to the shore where lunch is provided. Read a book, take a walk along the beautiful shore or catch up with other Sunshine guests, this time is yours to relax. Of course, many of our guests want to get as much time surfing in as possible, so after lunch, if the waves are willing, our instructors will tell you where is best to practice and put your skills to use in the water.

Surf Lesson intermediate, Morocco

Whilst we wish we could guarantee perfect waves every day of the year, we can’t change or predict the weather and swells coming in, but we can ensure a fun day is had either way. If waves are not looking good, we love to show our guests Agadir’s Souk just south of our surf house in Tamraght. With Souk El Had being the largest in North Africa, find everything from small souvenirs to beautifully traditional homeware, jewellery and authentic spices to bring back from your travels. We can also take our guests with skateboards and surfskates to Taghazout Skate Park, where fun and practice come hand in hand, and you can enjoy views of the ocean whilst improving pump techniques for your next time on the waves. Paradise Valley is also another day trip we offer Sunshine guests, an array of small swimming spots nestled in the cliffs and hills behind our camp, with a couple of cafes to enjoy the views and relax.

After a lot of fun is had and our guests are feeling happy and content with their surf day or enjoying the local activities, we head back to the camp where tea and pastries are waiting on our terrace. Again, there’s more time to relax and reflect on your day, and if you fancy joining in on our 5pm yoga sessions, there is always room. As the sun slowly sets, sit, socialise and enjoy a beautifully cooked tajine, or a bbq on the terrace, whilst the local town of Taghazout is always an option to enjoy some well-deserved drinks after your day. Either way, sleep well knowing some memories were made here on the Western coast of Morocco.

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Surf camp morocco
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