A Hot Sunday Surf Trip


This weekend was one of those weekends when you feel so lucky to be where you are! 

The sun was shining with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius, the wind was nonexistent and the sea was as blue and clear as ever. 

We were worried about the forecast, which seemed to announce a period of flat days, but we were finally blessed with small and mellow waves. 

So we went on a surf trip and set up camp further north, on a 3-kilometer long beach with very few people.

You could feel the stoke in the air! Everyone catching long rides, staying hours in the surf, and yes, a few wipeouts too. That’s part of the game! 

We found a small peak further down the beach just for us, and it was all smiles and encouragements, and a few drop-ins just for fun! Cause yes, surfing is also about having fun. 

Here are a few shots from the weekend!