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Morocco’s Surfing Golden Coast: From Agadir to Imsouane

The stretch of Moroccan coastline from Agadir to Imsouane is synonymous with surfing. This region, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, boasts a variety of waves that cater to all skill levels. Whether you’re seeking long point breaks, barreling rights, or mellow waves for a beginner, Morocco has it all. Let’s embark on a journey from Agadir northward to Imsouane, unearthing the top 10 surf spots and their optimum conditions.

Morocco’s Agadir to Imsouane stretch is a surfer’s treasure trove. With consistent swells, warm waters, and a backdrop of Moroccan culture, it promises more than just waves. It offers an experience, an adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re carving up the wall at Boilers or cruising down The Bay’s endless waves, Morocco awaits with open arms and perfect sets.


– Respect the locals. Many of these breaks have a local surf community. By showing respect and following surf etiquette, you ensure a harmonious experience for everyone.

Watch the forecasts. While the mentioned months are ideal for each spot, keep an eye on the swell forecasts. Morocco’s coast can surprise with off-season swells.

Be Prepared. Moroccan surf spots can vary significantly in terms of wave size and power, even on the same day. Having a variety of boards ensures you can make the most out of any conditions.

Anchor Point

The Surf Mecca of Morocco

Arguably the most famous Moroccan break, Anchor Point can provide rides up to 500m long. When it's firing, it offers multiple sections with barrels, especially on the inside.

The Bay, Imsouane

Africa's longest right hander

Offering the longest rides in Morocco, The Bay is a must-visit. Its mellow waves are perfect for beginners, longboarders, and anyone looking to enjoy long rides. The picturesque fishing village setting is a bonus.


Get ready for a loooong paddle

A challenging, world-class right-hander, Killer Point is for experienced surfers. It can produce long, barreling waves that make the paddle out worth it.

Panoramas, Taghazout

Something for everyone

A versatile beach break, Panoramas is suitable for beginners while offering fun walls for more experienced surfers. Its central location in Taghazout makes it popular.


Nothing strange about this epic wave

Located North of Anchors, Mysteries is a right-hand reef break. It's less crowded than its famed neighbor, yet offers beautiful walls and occasional barrels.


Sea urchins make an appearance!

A fast, hollow right-hander breaking over an exposed reef, Boilers is an advanced spot. The visible ship boiler at the start of the wave gives the spot its name.


The Jagged rocks of Draculas

Aptly named for its eerie and captivating rock formations, offers an unforgettable surfing experience against the backdrop of breathtaking rocky mountains and cacti.


The Moroccan Lower Trestles

Nestled along the captivating coast of Morocco, Anza surf spot emerges as a perfect A-Frame, enchanting wave seekers with its consistent waves and vibrant surf culture.

Desert Point

The Surf Mecca of Morocco

Named after the nearby Spider Valley, this break offers a point break that can be very fast and hollow on low tide. It's often less crowded due to the longer drive.

Banana Point

Fun slow breaking runners

Located just north of Agadir, Banana Point is a mellow, right-hand point break that's great for beginners and longboarders. The bay provides protection from northerly winds, resulting in clean, long rides.

Devil's Rock

A favourite (that can get crowded)

A beach break offering both lefts and rights, Devil's Rock is suitable for all skill levels. Its consistency is a draw, but it can get crowded.

Spiders, Tamraght

Less crowded when it's working

This break offers a fast and hollow point break. It's often less crowded than its neighbors, offering a secluded feel.

Camel Point

A favourite (that can get crowded)

A beach break offering both lefts and rights, Devil's Rock is suitable for all skill levels. Its consistency is a draw, but it can get crowded.

Hash Point

Mellow right hander infront of Tag

Right in front of Taghazout, Hash Point is a fun, mellow right-hander that's perfect for all levels when small. When it's big, it may be faster and hollower, offering epic rides.

Secret Spots

You need to know where to look!

Looking for epic, uncrowded secret locations? With over 10 years of operating and surf guiding in the area, we know all the best spots and what exact swells they will be working. Get in touch to learn more.

Best Season For Surfing Morocco?

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Surfing in Morocco offers a variety of experiences throughout the year, with each season bringing its own unique conditions. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect every three months, including average temperatures, swell sizes, water temperatures, recommended board quivers, and wetsuits.

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