Your Ultimate Guide to Authentic Moroccan Mint Tea


Experience the rich allure of Moroccan Mint Tea, a mesmerizing blend of green tea, fresh spearmint leaves, and just the right touch of sugar. As you watch the tea being poured from a height, it’s not just a visual spectacle but a technique that ensures the loose tea leaves settle at the bottom of the glass.

Dive into a tradition where each pour unfolds a story. When served thrice, the flavor evolves with every glass, painting a vivid tapestry of taste, thanks to the varying steeping durations in the pot.

DIY: Craft Your Perfect Moroccan Mint Tea


  1. Start with 2-3 spoons of black tea in your pot, adjusting based on your preferred strength.
  2. Pour a full tea glass of hot water into the pot.
  3. Allow the tea to absorb some of the water. Watch closely and avoid over-boiling, which can scorch the tea.
  4. Discard the water to get rid of any bitter taste.
  5. Rinse the tea leaves by adding and then pouring out hot water, repeating this three times.
  6. Refill your teapot with water and set it on the stove to boil.
  7. While waiting, prepare the mint. Take about a handful, rinse it thoroughly, and remove the stems.
  8. Chop the mint leaves in half and introduce them to the boiling tea.
  9. Sweeten the brew with approximately four generous blocks of sugar.
  10. Pour, savor the moment, and immerse yourself in the delightful flavor of authentic Moroccan Mint Tea. 😊

Whether you’re a tea aficionado or someone looking for a refreshing change, this timeless Moroccan elixir promises an unforgettable journey with every sip!