Interview With Our In-House Yoga Teacher Jessica

Where are you from?

I’m French, Parisian despite me aha… Paris is the city I’ve lived the longest in so far.
True love/hate relationship between city life and me.

How did you come to yoga and shy did it lead you to teach?

I used to be one of these people who are really into sports and think yoga is way too mellow and spiritual for them. That’s until I booked myself a stay in a surf camp. I instantly got hooked on surfing but also yoga. I saw the connection between the two straight away and kept practising both as much as possible.
Bit by bit, I opened more to different types of practice as well as the spiritual side.

After 5 years of practising yoga, it felt like it was time for me to take my teacher training. Firstly to deepen my personal practice, not pressuring me with the teaching aspect.
Turns out I just really loved to share it with people. Can’t wait to keep learning, exchange and see what this journey brings!

How long have you been teaching ? What style of yoga do you teach?

I am still a “baby yoga teacher” as I like to say. I started to teach 6 months ago, right after my training.

I teach Vinyasa, with mobility and some functional training bits included in the flow. I also do restorative and yin depending on the energy of people joining the class.

What do you hope people will take away from your classes?

A better awareness of their own body, their sensations, their breath.

An envy to keep exploring and discovering their own range of motion and how strong they are.

But also that you can sweat, focus, activate, meditate and still have fun 🙂.

What something you wish everyone knew about yoga?

That you don’t need to be flexible to do it and trust me I’m a perfect example!
That it is an amazing, accessible tool to help you navigate smoothly through everyday life.

What do you love about Morocco and Sunshine surf?

I love the raw beauty of Morocco and its perfect waves.The best waves easily accessible from Europe!
Sunshine Surf gives you the opportunity to experience it in a very chill and familial ambiance, it’s like everybody is sharing a big house close to the ocean. Surfing, exploring, moving, sharing good times together.