Surf And Safety, A Few Tips To Get You Started

Surf and safety ! As surf breaks around the world get more and more crowded, surf and safety have never been more important.

We understand that surfing is fun and let’s be honest, addictive! However, surfing can also be dangerous. The ocean is very humbling. Basically, it’s a battle you’ll never win.

A few days ago, we were surfing in a spot, that you probably all know or heard of, The Magic Bay in Imsouane, South Morocco. As with every other world-class surf spot with one of the longest waves in the world, there is a crowd.

In itself, this is no bother as it’s a big bay with plenty of space. However, we start to see more and more beginners or people who have never surfed before going out there without instructors or anyone to teach them the dos and don’ts. This can obviously cause accidents that were easily avoidable to being with.

So, here are a few tips…

If you’ve never surfed before, you’re a beginner, or don’t feel comfortable in the Ocean, please hire an instructor or book a Surf Lesson Package.

They will give you safety tips, like how to hold your board, how to avoid being in the way, how to see a current, the tides… and so on.

If you’re a beginner or have never surfed before, hire a soft top. Surfing is a process and it takes long, very long! So don’t try to start the house from the roof. A soft top is safe not only for you but also for others. It’s ok not to control your board at the beginning, nobody was born knowing! However, until you feel comfortable and have full control, stick to it!

It’ll also help you evolve faster!

Longboards. Yes, they are super trendy and super gracious, and super cool. BUT, they’re also heavy, hard, and dangerous, to you and to others. Do not hire a longboard if you’re not an intermediate surfer that can hold on to it or turtle roll.

Every surf lesson starts with theory… Here are some of the basic you will learn:

  • how to hold your board
  • how to lie on a board
  • how to paddle on a board
  • how to get to the line up
  • how to do a pop up

Remember that surfing etiquette and rules are not just for beginners!

But above all, know your limits and surf within your abilities.