Anchor Point

The Pinnacle of Moroccan Surfing


Anchor Point, a jewel in Morocco’s surf crown, beckons advanced surfers to its right-hand point break. Situated near Taghazout, a village renowned for surf culture, this spot unfurls along the rocky shoreline, offering rides that can reach up to 500 meters on a perfect swell.

Winter swells from the Northwest sculpt its legendary waves, which are best surfed on a mid to high tide. The offshore winds from the Southeast enhance its famed barrels, appealing to those who covet a challenging surf

Get to know Anchor Point

Difficulty 8/10
Type of Break Point Break
Break Direction Right Hander
Swell Direction West to North
Bottom Rock Reef
Optimal Tide Low to Mid
Distance 10 mins
Optimal Wind NE-E
Access Anchor Point is accessible by car, with a parking area conveniently located.

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The Low Down...

Anchor Point: Surfing’s Hallmark of Excellence

Perched near Taghazout, a fishing village turned surf mecca, Anchor Point is a rite of passage for wave riders. Its reputation for long, almond-shaped barrels stretching over rocky seabeds is a call to surfing connoisseurs. An exemplary right-hand point break, this surf spot is synonymous with perfection on a Moroccan surf trip.

Variety and Consistency

Anchor Point is not a one-trick pony; it offers sections that will test various aspects of a surfer’s repertoire. On days with massive swells, the outside section called ‘The Point’ will give even the most seasoned surfers a run for their money with its powerful walls and steep drops. Moving inwards, ‘The Middle’ offers more playful rides, while ‘The Inside’ is where surfers can show off their barreling skills. This spot is renowned for its consistency, often holding a swell when other nearby spots have long since flattened out.

The Artist’s Stroke: Anchor Point’s Geographical Canvas

As you trace the coast north of Agadir, the contours of Anchor Point unravel like an artist’s stroke on canvas. The break itself is a work of natural art, where the Atlantic’s energy is sculpted by an underwater point extending from the cliffs. The swells here are a powerful display, especially during the winter months when the northwest swell pumps a relentless supply of waves, making it an ideal playground for those who respect its might and can navigate its challenges.

A Surf of Many Faces: The Diverse Sections of Anchor Point

Comprising several sections that offer different experiences along the ride, Anchor Point can start with a mellow take-off before it races down the line into a more critical part of the wave, ideal for carving turns and pulling into barrels. The inside section, known as “The Bowl,” is where the wave rears up to provide some of the most exhilarating surfing moments. Anchor Point’s versatility caters to various styles and levels of expertise, though it is primarily a stage for the adept and the brave.

The Cultural Tapestry: Taghazout’s Welcoming Charm

The cultural tapestry of Taghazout adds a rich backdrop to the surf scene, with its warm Moroccan hospitality and the scent of tagines wafting from local kitchens. After a day of surfing, the village invites you to indulge in its laid-back rhythm and connect with fellow wave enthusiasts from across the globe.


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