Anza Surf Spot

The Moroccan Lower Trestles


Nestled along the captivating coast of Morocco, Anza surf spot emerges as a perfect A-Frame, enchanting wave seekers with its consistent waves and vibrant surf culture. Located in the quaint village of Anza, this surf haven has become a must for those in pursuit of the perfect wave and an authentic Moroccan surfing experience. 

Get to know Anza

Difficulty 7/10
Type of Break Point Break
Break Direction Right Hander
Swell Direction Northwest
Bottom Rock Reef
Optimal Tide Mid to High
Distance 5km. Approx. 10 mins
Optimal Wind NE-E
Access There is ample parking available. Simple park you car can walk to the water!

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The Moroccan Lower Trestles...

Wave Perfection at Anza Surf spot:

Anza surf spot boasts a consistent reef break, creating an ideal playground for surfers for advanced and intermediate surfers. The beach break offers approachable waves for beginners on smaller swells, while the more advanced can revel in the challenges presented by the point break. This versatility makes Anza surf spot a welcoming spot for surfers eager to progress or simply enjoy the thrill of the waves against the backdrop of its coastal beauty.

Picturesque Setting:

The beauty of Anza surf spot extends beyond the waves, as the surf spot is framed by the stunning open ocean, inviting surfers to appreciate the natural splendor that surrounds them.

Year-Round Surfing Paradise:

Anza benefits from a warm climate, ensuring that it is a year-round surfing paradise. Whether you’re planning a winter escape to catch the larger swells or a summer retreat for mellower waves, Anza accommodates surfers in every season, offering a dynamic and ever-changing surf experience.

Anza’s Allure:

  • Wave Diversity: Anza surf spot caters to surfers of all levels with its range of waves, making it an inclusive destination for beginners and experienced riders alike.
  • Scenic Marvel: The scenic beauty of Anza, with its mountainous backdrop and pristine coastline, elevates the surf experience, providing a visually stunning environment for surfers to enjoy.

Anza surf spot in Anza, Morocco, is not just a destination; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of Moroccan surf culture. Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking the next challenge or a novice eager to catch your first wave, Anza beckons, inviting you to ride, connect, and discover the unparalleled allure of Morocco’s coastal paradise.


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