An Unveiled Secret

In the shadow of Morocco’s famed Anchor Point, lies its less-touted sibling, Mysteries. A surf spot that lives up to its enigmatic name, Mysteries presents itself as a beckoning strip of coastline just north of the surfer’s paradise, Taghazout. Geographically blessed, it breaks predominantly right, offering rides that often mirror the quality of its famous neighbor without the daunting crowds.

The Wave’s Whisper

Mysteries is a high-performance wave, breaking over a mixed bottom that combines sand and reef, delivering a faster and often more hollow experience than other spots in the area. The break starts working its magic with a northwestern swell, which can transform this otherwise quiet spot into a playground for advanced surfers seeking thrilling sections suitable for aggressive maneuvers and even the occasional barrel.

Get to know Mysteries

Difficulty 7/10
Type of Break Point Break
Break Direction Right Hander
Swell Direction West - North West or North West
Bottom Mixed - Reef & Sand
Optimal Tide Mid
Distance 12km approx. 10 mins
Optimal Wind E-NE
Access Accessible by car via a scenic drive; the town is well-signed and parking is available near the beach.

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The Low Down...

The Pulse of the Spot

While Mysteries may not always match Anchor Point’s consistency, it certainly rivals it in intensity during optimal conditions. On its day, the surf here is nothing short of spectacular, offering up sections that appeal to those with a penchant for shortboarding finesse. The key here is to catch it mid-tide, with the right swell direction, when the symphony of waves crescendos into a harmonious barrel section that makes it a session to remember.

Hidden Corners

Mysteries might not be the headline act, but it’s the understudy that often steals the show. Surfers in the know keep a close eye on the forecasts, ready to jump at the chance when conditions align, turning Mysteries into a short-lived spectacle that rivals the best of them. The spot is also known for its sunset sessions, where the low light catches the mist from the waves, creating a golden shroud that makes every turn and air seem cinematic.

The Character of the Waves

The waves at Mysteries speak the language of variability, making each surf session unique. The break is a chameleon, with swells changing character as they transition over the mixed bottom. The outside section offers a faster take-off, giving way to an inside that’s more forgiving, allowing for a dramatic showcase of skills—from high-speed cutbacks to critical snaps. It’s common to see a lucky surfer threading a needle through a fleeting barrel, making for a memorable surf story.

Neighboring Nourishment

Beyond the surf, the Taghazout area provides ample opportunities to engage with the local culture and refuel between sessions. Visitors can savor seafood straight from the ocean, sip on mint tea while watching the sunset, or indulge in a traditional Moroccan hammam to relax those worked muscles.


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