The Allure of Panoramas

Panoramas, aptly named for its scenic vistas, is not just a visual treat but a surfer’s delight. This spot is a smorgasbord of surfing experiences, nestled just south of Taghazout, Morocco’s surf mecca. With its open bay and generous sandy beach, it offers a variety of breaks that cater to both the novice and the seasoned surfer. The waves here, playful and forgiving, are ideal for those looking to improve their skills or simply enjoy a long, leisurely ride.

The Surf’s Symphony

The primary wave at Panoramas is a mellow right-hander that peels gently over a sandy bottom, allowing for smooth take-offs and ample room for carves and turns. The break can show different faces: on smaller days, it’s a longboarder’s haven, while on a good swell, the mid-tide can see sections that ramp up for performance surfing. It’s not uncommon for surfers to find little pockets of joy in the form of mini-barrels or steep sections for aerial attempts, especially towards the northern end of the beach.

Get to know Panoramas

Difficulty 3/10
Type of Break Beach Break
Break Direction Right & Lefts
Swell Direction Northwest
Bottom Sand
Optimal Tide Low to Mid
Distance 5km. Approx. 10 mins
Optimal Wind NE-E
Access Easily accessible by road, with parking available near the beach. A short walk from Taghazout leads directly to the surf spot.

Find Panoramas On The Map

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The Low Down...

Taste of Taghazout

When hunger strikes, Panoramas’ proximity to Taghazout provides a treasure trove of culinary delights. Whether it’s a craving for a savory tagine, a quick bite of freshly baked khobz, or a sip of the iconic Moroccan mint tea, the village eateries will replenish any calorie deficit incurred in the surf. The relaxed vibe extends from the water to the table, with oceanfront dining offering the perfect backdrop for a post-surf meal.

The Cultural Canvas

Surf culture in Panoramas is interwoven with the rich tapestry of Moroccan tradition. It’s a place where the call to prayer mingles with the sound of waves, and the friendly locals are as much a part of the experience as the surfing itself. The spot’s easygoing atmosphere makes it a social hub, where every sunset is an invitation to gather, reflect on the day’s rides, and plan the next adventure.

Surfing Essentials and Beyond

Panoramas shines as a year-round destination, with its peak surf season in the cooler months from November to March, when the Atlantic pulses with groundswells. However, even in the summer, small to medium waves make it a reliable spot for beginners and longboarders. It’s the quintessential spot to experience the essence of Moroccan surfing life: laid-back, accessible, and full of surprises.



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